Please Start Here

I suppose the first post will lay out some ground rules, mostly for myself, but also for those who wish to comment on postings:

  1. This is not the space to argue the validity of the basic Jungian theory of personality Type - for the purposes of this space, we're presuming the basic idea is valid
  2. Debate about the extrapolation of Jung's ideas is completely valid - including criticism of the MBTI itself. Again, despite this rule, we're presuming that the MBTI, for the most part, is a valid indicator of Jungian Types. Some are better, others are worse, but since the whole theory is predicated on the idea that a standardized *objective* test is only one half of the whole process of self-discovery, arguing the validity of the MBTI is sorta moot In the end, only the 'subject' can validate the 'subject's' type
  3. There are no Introverts or Extraverts - only Introvered and Extraverted functions in the dominant position. (Paraphrase of Peter Myers quote)
  4. Rules are subject to change without notice ;-)
  5. Keep an open mind
  6. Recognize your own Type biases in your arguments
  7. Have fun; I am

and now on with the show...

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