Barack Obama, Introspective ENTP?

Your type doesn't change according to your mood. Expression of your type may appear to do so, but it doesn't actually change.

Obama is probably an INFP, and probably our first INFP president. (Clinton was the first xNFx, as an ENFP). Lawyers are all over the place on the MBTI table because Law is all over the place in terms of "personality type" of law. It's the *type* of law that may reveal what Type he prefers. He focused on constitutional law, which has a basis in theory over practice, hence N. And fundamental civil rights, which is an FP combo.

Others have mentioned his "alone time" routines and discipline for evidence of his "I" nature. He also pauses before responding, showing that high level of brain activity that occurs before a response that is the reflective hallmark of the Introverted preferences.

Lastly, the INFP is the "archetypal figurehead" type and frequently found in artists (particularly musicians and actors) and non-INFPs find themselves projecting their hopes and aspirations on such types because they're so easily absorbed by the cool, reserved, and observant cultural sponges that INFPs are.

Hillary could only lose in the primary to one person - her husband. And that's exactly who she did lose to - at least in terms of Type. Obama's INFP type appeared as ENFP during the primary.
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Cassie said...

I have a theory that all TJs are libertarians or something close.

michael j pastor said...

You theory would be inherently wrong because you have the word "all" in it. If anything, TJs tend to be authoritarian, not libertarian.

If anything, it's the FPs of the world that tend to the libertarian side of things, because Introverted Feeling and the inalienable rights found in the Bill of Rights and Declaration are the same. They're archetypal truths inherent to the human condition.

Cassie said...

Agreed about the term "all" - my comment was written in haste.

Since forming the idea that many TJs are libertarian, however, I've found it to hold water, at least in my acquaintance circle. I'm not saying FPs couldn't be, but many TJs certainly are.